MARCHES: Methodologies for Assessing the Real Costs to Health of Environmental Stressors


To underpin the regular use of integrated economic and health modelling in impact assessments and socio-economic analysis by public authorities, the MARCHES project aims to advance methodological rigour and consistency in accounting for the welfare economic health costs of air pollution and drinking water nitrate, based on systematic reviews of health effects, and by extending the consensus on established approaches on premature mortality with disability-adjustment of the associated morbidity burdens, while developing European-wide exposure modelling for integrated assessment.

Based on expert and stakeholder consultations, the project will provide guidelines and unit prices for an accounting approach that can be applied routinely by EU and national authorities, subject to data availability and policy scenarios. This will be demonstrated in case studies with public authorities in five Member States (CZ; DK; EE; ES; SE) and one west-Balkan country (XK).