HumanE-AI-Net: HumanE AI Network

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The HumanE AI Net brings together top European research centers, universities and key industrial champions in a network of centers of excellence that goes beyond a narrow definition of AI and combines world leading AI competence with key players in related areas such as HCI, cognitive science, social sciences and complexity science. Doing so is crucial for developing a truly Human Centric brand of European AI. We will leverage the synergies between the involved centers of excellence to develop the scientific foundations and technological breakthroughs needed to shape the AI revolution in a direction that is beneficial to humans, at both the individual and society level, and adheres to European ethical values and social,cultural, legal, and political norms. The core challenge is the development of robust, trustworthy AI capable of what understanding humans, adapting to complex real-world environments, and appropriately interacting in complex social settings. The aim is to facilitate AI systems that enhance human capabilities and empower individuals and society as a whole while respecting human autonomy and self-determination. The HumanE AI Net project will engender the mobilization of a research landscape far beyond direct project funding, involve and engage European industry, reach out to relevant social stakeholders, and create a unique innovation ecosystem that provides a notable return on investment for  the European economy and society. We will make the results of the research available to the European AI community through the AI4EUplatform and a Virtual Laboratory, develop a series of summer schools, tutorials and MOOCs to spread the knowledge,develop a dedicated innovation ecosystem for transforming research and innovation into an economic impact and value forsociety, establish an industrial Ph.D. program and involve key industrial players from sectors crucial to European economy inresearch agenda definition and results evaluation in relevant use cases.