HPC EUROPA2: Pan-European Research infrastructure on High Performance Computing for 21st century Science


The main objective of HPC-Europa2 is to continue the provision of a high quality service for transnational access to the advanced HPC systems available in Europe. This activity has been available on an ongoing basis as a highly-rated and trusted service for almost two decades. The HPC-Europa2 partnership includes as Transnational Access centres CINECA (Italy), BSC (Spain), EPCC (UK), HLRS (Germany), SARA (The Netherlands), CINES ( France) and CSC (Finland). The project is organised around its core activity, the Transnational Access (TA) HPC service provision.

Over the four year life span of the action, the TA will provide HPC services, specialist support, scientific tutoring and opportunities for collaboration to more than 1,000 European researchers. This very large community of users will be provided with more than 22 million of CPU hours of computing time.

A number of Networking activities are implemented around the core business of the project: To interact with the HPC ecosystem in Europe, mainly represented by DEISA and PRACE; To coordinate the transnational access activities carried on by the different partners; To coordinate the activities related to user support, consultancy support and the diffusion and dissemination of the HPC culture.

Three Joint Research Activities are also integrated into the project: To provide innovative solutions for parallel computing on massive parallel architectures; To develop tools for scientific data services offering ease of access, analysis and visualisation of complex distributed data sets; To create a virtual cluster environment which enables researchers to prepare and familiarise themselves with the HPC environment in advance of their visit, thus increasing the effectiveness and productivity of transnational access visits.