HiPEAC: High Performance Embedded Architecture and Compilation

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HiPEAC is a coordination and support action (CSA) that aims to structure, connect and cross-fertilise the European academic and industrial research and innovation communities in Embedded Computing and Cyber-Physical Systems (i) by attracting members from the Cyber-PhysicalSystems community, industry and innovation community, (ii) by organising quarterly networking activities to connect the different communities, (iii) by attracting computing talent and by retaining it in Europe (iv) by producing a high-quality vision on the future of computing systems in Europe, (v) by producing an impact analysis, and (vi) by professionally disseminating the research outcomes in and beyond the European computing systems community.

This HiPEAC CSA proposal is meant to be the continuation of five successful projects with the same name (HiPEAC1-5). HiPEAC will leverage the existing community, the expertise and the set of instruments that were developed since 2004 and work on the objectives of call ICT-01-2019, mainly in the field of Cyber-physical Systems of Systems (CPSoS).The overall approach of the HiPEAC CSA is that it brings together all actors and stakeholders in the CPSoS and computing systems community in Europe in one well-managed structure where they can interact, disseminate/share information, transfer knowledge/technology, exchange human resources, think about future challenges, experiment with ideas to strengthen the community, etc. The HiPEAC CSA will support its members and projects with tasks that are too difficult/complex to carry out individually like vision building,professional communications, recruitment, event management at the European level, and cross-fertilise the European academic and industrialresearch. By offering such services, a burden is taken away from the projects and members. They can then focus on the content, and the impact of their efforts is amplified.