GEO-URBAN: Identification and Assessment of Deep GEOthermal Heat Resources in Challenging URBAN Environments

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The ability to use geothermal resources to generate heat in urban areas where the demand is greatest has the potential to significantly reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and to support sustainable energy policies. Potential deep geothermal resources in challenging, lower-enthalpy EU settings remain poorly understood and largely untapped.

The GEO-URBAN project aims to explore the potential for low enthalpy geothermal in urban environments. The project will focus on two target locations – Dublin, Ireland and Vallès, Spain – and will provide a feasibility analysis for the commercial development of deep geothermal resources in these regions. The overall objective of GEO-URBAN is to identify the geothermal resources available in two challenging urban locations and to demonstrate a commercialization strategy that has the potential to be adapted in other similar locations.