EXCELLERAT: The European Centre of Excellence for Engineering Applications

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Engineering applications will be among the first exploiting exascale, not only in academia but also industry. In fact, theindustrial engineering field is the industrial field with the highest exascale potential, thus EXCELLERAT brings together thenecessary European expertise to establish a Centre of Excellence in Engineering with a broad service portfolio, paving theway for the evolution towards EXASCALE. All within the frame of the European HPC Strategy realization just pushed forwardwith the activities on the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking.

To fulfil its mission, EXCELLERAT will base on six carefully chosen reference applications (Nek5000, Alya, AVBP, Fluidity, FEniCS, Flucs), which were analysed on their potential to support the aim to achieve EXASCALE performance in HPC for Engineering and thus to become candidates to be executed on the Exascale Demonstrators, Pre-Exascale Systems andExascale Machines. All the facets of such a centre are addressed by EXCELLERAT, from "non-pure-technical" services such as access toknowledge or networking up to technical services as e.g. Co-Design, Scalability enhancement or Code porting to new(Exa)Hardware. As the consortium contains key players in HPC, HPDA or Knowledge Transfer and having for all reference applications the developers on board, impact (e.g. awareness creation but also feedback into the code development itself) is guaranteed. The scientific excellence of the EXCELLERAT consortium enables evolution, optimization, scaling and portingof applications towards disruptive technologies and increases Europe's competiveness in engineering. Within the frame of the project, EXCELLERAT will prove the applicability of the results to other HPC engineering applications then the six chosen. Thus, EXCELLERAT will extend the recipients of its developments beyond the consortium and use the tool of interest groups to integrate external stakeholders of its value network into its evolution.