CAMS_61: Development of regional air quality modelling and data assimilation aspects

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The proposed project will deliver development plans, guidelines, working examples and tools for the continuous upgrade of the CAMS regional service. This will encompass

  • a in depth assessment of the CAMS regional forecasts and a prioritized list of proposed model developments,
  • best practices for coupling forecasts to analyses, and
  • model-agnostic tools for the data assimilation of Sentinel-4 and 5p observations.

The project will guide the shaping of the development plans for the CAMS regional systems. Through this, the project will lead to higher quality forecasts and analyses for the users of the CAMS regional service. The consortium consists of teams currently involved in the CAMS regional service, bringing together the required expertise and computational capabilities to perform the in-depth analyses, and tests under the strict configuration constraints. In combination with the regular interaction with stakeholders, the complementarity of the consortium teams ensures the deliverables will be applicable to all CAMS regional air quality systems.