CAMS_43: CAMS_43 Global aerosol aspects

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CAMS_43 is a project that requires experience and expertise in several domains: global aerosol modelling, physics and chemistry of the atmosphere, data assimilation and its computational aspects, as well as a detailed knowledge on the architecture and functioning of the IFS. Our proposal is a continuation and an extension of what was achieved during phase 1 of CAMS_43. It will be carried out by essentially the same scientists and engineers who successfully delivered during phase 1, but with some changes to the main Contractor and some Sub-Contractors to account for the evolving employment of key team members. Our team is composed of experts who not only cover all of the scientific aspects of the ITT, but also have already worked together on many of the deliverables of phase 1 of CAMS_43: our group will thus be immediately operational and ready to deliver from the first day of phase 2.