CAMS 84 (2): Global and regional a posteriori evaluation and quality assurance (EQC)


The Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) is providing services to meet the information need on atmospheric composition, including detailed distributions of reactive gases such as ozone, aerosol and greenhouse gases. CAMS provides daily analysis and forecasts, as well as reanalyses products. CAMS has a global service, implemented by ECMWF, and a regional air quality service implemented by the CAMS_50 consortium coordinated by Météo-France.

The CAMS_84 tender is asking for a detailed a-posteriori evaluation of these service components and products for the period 2018-2021. The CAMS-84 activity involves the evaluation of a large number of different model configurations. The regional ensemble includes up to 9 model configurations plus an ensemble product, and the global model has three different chemical schemes included and two aerosol schemes. Apart from analyses runs there are forecast-only products which will also be evaluated. Analyses and forecasts will be compared. New candidate system configurations are tested in parallel to the operational system and will also be evaluated by the CAMS-84 consortium. All these products will be evaluated based on a large number of independent observations.