C3S_34c: Prototype system for decadal climate predictions

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The Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) has a critical role to ensure that the service meets the needs of a range of users for high-quality data and information on near- to medium- to long-term climate change. The ITT that this proposal addresses asks for recommendations on robust definition and adoption of methods for post-processing of forecast data and case studies to articulate the benefits of decadal predictive information to the decision making of real users. A consortium of four institutions (BSC, CMCC, DWD, Met Office) with years of experience in seasonal to decadal prediction, three of which currently produce decadal predictions operationally with state-of-the-art earth system models and represent the European contributors to the WMO Global Producing Center for Annual to Decadal Climate Prediction (GPC ADCP) including the Lead Center, offers to provide a robust, credible and reliable encoding standard for forecasts and products. This standard will be developed upon the foundations which were already laid down in other projects. It will consider existing standards, like for example, Decadal Climate Prediction Project (DCPP) data in ESGF nodes, WMO s Commission of Climatology, and current standards followed by C3S for other activities, like seasonal forecasts and climate projections. To develop these data standards, discussions with the data-standard community will be initiated, and will be facilitated through a workshop at one of the partner's facilities in Barcelona (also part of this offer).