BSC-ACH: EUROfusion Advanced Computing Hub (ACH) at BSC

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To implement the European Roadmap, in which theory and simulation play a strong role, it is crucial to further bring together the accumulated knowledge and expertise in these fields under a highly focused Theory, Simulation, Verification and Validation (TSVV) programme. Coordination is required that can integrate the world-class fusion science and engineering with emerging advanced computing capabilities this is the vision for E-TASC, which stands for the EUROfusion Theory and Advanced Simulation Coordination.

A key element in the implementation of the E-TASC proposal consists of setting up five Advanced Computing Hubs (ACHs). The ACHs will provide essential expertise and support in computer science, scientific computing, data management, code integration, and software engineering, as well as in the development of a suitable portfolio of EUROfusion standard software codes.