BEinGRID: Business Experiments in GRID


The main objective of the Business Experiments in Grid (BEinGRID) project was to foster the adoption of the so-called Next Generation Grid technologies by carrying out business experiments and creating a toolset repository of Grid middleware upper layers.

The focus of BEinGRID was a series of targeted business experiment pilots designed to implement and deploy Grid solutions across a broad spectrum of European business sectors (entertainment, financial, industrial, chemistry, gaming, retail, textile, etc). Eighteen business experiments were planned in the initial stage of the project, with a second open call for proposals in the latter stages. The project also set out to create a toolset repository of Grid service components and best practice to support European businesses wishing to take-up the Grid.

To minimise redevelopment of components, BEinGRID aimed to deploy innovative Grid solutions using existing Grid components from across the European Union and beyond.