AIR: Air for European Resilience

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The AIR project responds to Europe's aspiration for leadership and reflects the common essence and concern essential to all Europeans, indeed to everything on the planet, the air we breathe. Air is considered an environmental quality, a meeting space and a space for expression: it does not distinguish between countries or social classes. Air means sustainability, an indicator for quality of life, relationships, and the use of the ecosystem itself. Air means beauty, a unique and volatile element: air is also indispensable in the design of spaces and interactions.

Based on this reflection and according to initiatives such as STARTS4WATER, the Media Solution Center bw e.V., as a leader of the project, proposes the creation of a consortium of 8 partners from 5 different EU countries to set up 4 Regional STARTS Centres in Germany, Spain, Italy and Slovenia, making available for the first time the technology and knowledge transfer of two of the most important supercomputing centres in Europe. These centres will become hubs where not only regional but also global stakeholders - artists, industry, citizens, policy makers, etc. converge to reflect on AIR as a common theme and explore the capabilities of digital innovation through art to promote a sustainable future.

The AIR project is structured around four pillars: I) The AIR Concept. Making the invisible visible; II) AIR Ecosystem and Methodology; III) AIR Challenges and Residencies; and IV) AIR S+T+ARTS Regional Hubs. The AIR Regional Centres will promote citizens participation, critical thinking, prevention capacity and resilience through reflection and joint work on AIR as a common theme, on one hand, and on the other hand a new space for impact driven research and innovation through the horizontal collaboration among arts, science and technology.

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