AI4MEDIA: A European Excellence Centre for Media, Society and Democracy

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Motivated by the challenges, risks and opportunities that the wide use of AI brings to media, society and politics, AI4Mediaaspires to become a centre of excellence and a wide network of researchers across Europe and beyond, with a focus ondelivering the next generation of core AI advances to serve the key sector of Media, to make sure that the European valuesof ethical and trustworthy AI are embedded in future AI deployments, and to reimagine AI as a crucial beneficial enablingtechnology in the service of Society and Media.The AI4Media consortium, comprising 30 leading partners in the areas of AI and media (9 universities, 9 research centres,12 industrial partners) and 35 associate members, will establish the networking infrastructure to bring together the currentlyfragmented European AI landscape in the field of media, and foster deeper and long-running interactions between academiaand industry, including Digital Innovation Hubs. It will also shape a research agenda for media AI research, and implementresearch and innovation both with respect to cutting-edge technologies at the core of AI research, and within specific fieldsof media-related AI. AI4Media will provide a targeted funding framework through open calls, to speed up the uptake ofinnovations developed within the network. A PhD programme will further enhance links to the industry and the fostering andexchange of talent, while providing motivation to prevent brain drain, and a set of use cases will be developed by thenetwork to demonstrate the impact of the achieved advances in the media sector. The Excellence Centre that is establishedduring the AI4Media project, and the ecosystem that will grow around it, will provide a long-term basis for the support of AIexcellence in Europe, long after the project end, with the aim of ensuring that Ethical AI guided by European values assumesa global leading role in the field of Media.