AI-SPRINT: Artificial intelligence in Secure PRIvacy-preserving computing coNTinuum


Artificial Intelligence (AI), to become fully pervasive, needs resources at the edge of the network. The cloud can provide theprocessing power needed for big data, but edge computing is close to where data are produced and therefore crucial to theirtimely, flexible, and secure management. AI-SPRINT will define a framework for developing AI applications in computingcontinua, enabling a finely-tuned tradeoff between performance (e.g. in terms of end-to-end latency and throughput) and AImodel accuracy, while providing security and privacy guarantees. AI-SPRINT outcomes are: i) simplified programmingmodels to reduce the steep learning curves in the development of AI software in computing continua; ii) highly specializedbuilding blocks for distributed training, privacy preservation and advanced machine learning models, to shorten time-tomarketfor AI applications; iii) automated deployment and dynamic reconfiguration to decrease the cost of operating AIsoftware. Beneficiaries include end-users of AI systems, software developers, system integrators, and cloud providers. AISPRINTtools will make it possible to consider security and privacy early in the design stage and to seamlessly manage thetime-varying conditions typical of real environments. Real-world scenarios are an integral part of AI-SPRINT as key toguiding requirements and development and validating results. Three heterogeneous use cases (farming 4.0, maintenance &inspection, and personalized healthcare) are built by industrial partners. Cutting-edge innovation is brought to theConsortium by four research partners with complementary expertise. Two system integrators provide vision on relevantverticals and technology insights, one cloud provider brings real-world implementation expertise, and two specialists indissemination ensure impacts and uptake. AI-SPRINT will also pursue a sustainability path through the creation of anAlliance and Adopter Acceleration club as a marketplace for AI businesses