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New BSC Newsletter

We are glad to present the new BSC Newsletter, which will be published every two months from now on, increasing the frequency of the previous newsletter. Our aim is to keep you informed of the latest news from the centre, as well as of events organised by BSC or that may be of interest. We hope you like it!


Alfonso Valencia, Director of the Life Sciences Department

With this incorporation BSC confirms its commitment to personalized medicine as an area of future development for supercomputing. Valencia: “BSC offers a privileged environment to create an analysis platform of genomes of biomedical interest, capable of coordinating the efforts of internal and external BSC groups, making it competitive at an international level”.

CALIOPE system helps forecast air quality in Mexico City

A modelling system based on the CALIOPE system predicts the presence of pollutants in the atmosphere with 24 hours in advance and will help assess the impact of anti-pollution measures. BSC has collaborated with the Environment Secretariat of the Government of Mexico City (SEDEMA) to implement this system.

Supercomputers: a key tool for understanding the human brain

A new documentary shows BSC’s contributions to the Human Brain Project, which consist of use of the MareNostrum supercomputer and a set of tools that help users to exploit the High Performance Analytics and Computing Platform to its full capacity. This video is the result of being one of the two winners of the first HBP Video Selfie Campaign.

CompBioMed, a centre of excellence in computational biomedicine, is born

BSC is one of the partners of this European centre of excellence. CompBioMed will develop parallel software (including Alya, the BSC's multiphysics simulation code) that will be installed in European supercomputing centres (BSC, SurfSARA in the Netherlands and EPCC in Scotland) for use by biomedical researchers.

ITER and BSC tighten their collaboration to simulate the process of fusion power generation

The ITER organisation and BSC have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in which they agree on the importance of promoting and furthering academic and scientific cooperation in all academic and scientific fields of mutual interest and to advance the training of young researchers.

Agreement for scientific collaboration between University of Guadalajara and BSC

The main aims of the agreement are to develop research activities in computer sciences and to foster the synergies needed for collaborative research. The agreement was finalised as part of the ISUM'17, during which tribute was paid to Mateo Valero for his notable career path and his commitment to the progress of HPC across the world and, in particular, in Mexico.

Chair of the RES Users’ Committee awarded the Ciutat de Barcelona prize

Carme Rovira has been awarded the Premi Ciutat de Barcelona in the category of Experimental Sciences and Technology. She has been a user of RES resources since 2006, the Spanish Supercomputing Network. She is currently the Chair of the RES Users’ Committee and has also been granted use of PRACE supercomputing resources.

Coming up
14 MAR 2017 PATC Course: Simulation Environments for Life Sciences Location: Vertex Building, UPC Campus Nord (Barcelona)
16 MAR 2017 ACM Turing Laureate Lecture Prof. Joseph Sifakis: "On the nature of Computing" Location: Aula Master, UPC Campus Nord (Barcelona)
04 APR 2017 Towards RDA Iberia Location: Barceló Sants Hotel (Barcelona)
05 APR 2017 RDA Ninth Plenary Meeting Location: Barceló Sants Hotel (Barcelona)
18 APR 2017 Introduction to CUDA Programming Location: Vertex Building, UPC Campus Nord (Barcelona)
24 APR 2017 EoCoE Evaluation Workshop Location: Severo Ochoa meeting room, Torre Girona (Barcelona)
25 APR 2017 ELIXIR Text-mining Workshop / Biocreative & BeCalm Workshop Location: UPC Campus Nord (Barcelona)
27 APR 2017 PATC: Introduction to OpenACC Location: Vertex Building, UPC Campus Nord (Barcelona)
02 MAY 2017 Doctoral Symposium 2017 Location: A3 Building, UPC Campus Nord (Barcelona)
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