Mathematics for Exascale and Digital Science Workshop at the HPC Summit

The workshop focuses on the Mathematics for Exascale, Data Science and in a wider aspect Digital Science challenges. In the above context, this workshop brings together key stakeholders to outline the needs, the challenges and approaches to address them, as well as to discuss possible synergies and similarities between the different EU initiatives in those areas.

Date: 17/May/2017 Time: 14:00

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The workshop brings together key stakeholders in the areas of Mathematics for Exascale, Data Science and in a wider aspect Digital Science to outline the needs and the challenges and the approaches to address them.

The speakers come from leading research and supercomputing centres and most of them have contributed to the latest Mathematics for Europe consultation (2016), where the aforementioned report outlining the mathematics as being “essential and indispensable for addressing the major challenges in science, technology and society”.

We will present the strategic research agenda of ETP4HPC in the context of mathematics and algorithms for extreme scale HPC systems outlining possible approaches to address these challenges and needs. The talks and discussion will further focus on the scalable mathematical methods and algorithms able to handle data and compute intensive applications at scale, and will present the methods, algorithms and approaches addressing key challenges at the interface of Data and Computational Science. Finally, the latest developments in the area of mathematics for Industry and in the wider context of Digital Science will be presented.

The Panel session aims to engage the participants in discussion for the possible synergies between different EU initiatives and to highlight the approaches to address the challenges facing research in academic and industrial settings.

A single registration form is available to register to all workshops with a unique fee of 60€. The registration form will be open until 5th May 2017


14.00-14.10 Introduction, Prof. Vassil Alexandrov (ICREA-BSC, Spain)

14.10-14.30 Overview and update on the ETP4HPC Strategic Research Agenda for Mathematical Methods and Algorithms, Dr. Dirk Pleiter (Juelich, Germany)

14.30-14.50 Future Mathematics for Europe - a broad community effort, Prof. Mark Asch (University of Picardie, France)

14.50-15.10 Mathematical Modeling, Simulation and Optimisation for Industry in Europe, Prof. Wil Schilders (TUE, Netherlands)

15.10-15.30 Unite and Conquer approach  for extreme scale computing, Prof  Nahid Emad (UVSQ, Paris, France)

15.30-15.50 Transcomputation a Novel Approach to Extreme Scale Computing, Dr. James Anderson (University of Reading, UK)

15.50-16.00 Short Discussion

16.00 – 16.30 Coffee Break

16.30-16.50  Software environments for exascale, Prof. Serge Petiton (U. Lille 1 and  Maison de le Simulation, France)

16.50-17.10 Latest Advances in ExaDUNE, Prof. Oleg Iliev (Fraunhofer Institute of Ind. Mathematics, Germany)

17.10-17.30 On Exascaling Experince while dealing with Large Applications, Prof. Dieter Kranzlmueller (LRZ,LMU, Germany)

17.30-18.00 Panel Discussion