LOCA SERIES. Reading Club. 4th session. Extended session

Date: 23/May/2023 Time: 16:00


BSC Builidng, 1st floor, Room 1-3-12 and Zoom

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The general objective of LOCA Technical sessions is to value the knowledge, talent and experience of the center's workers and researchers, and support the creation of a multidisciplinary work team based on the strengths of each and every one of its members.
To contribute to a sustainable and organic growth of the hardware design area at BSC, we propose organizing Internal LOCA Tech sessions. A monthly event whose objectives are: 1) promotion of internal BSC talent (Tech-Talk sessions), and 2) continuous learning/development mechanism (Reading club sessions).
Tech-Talk session: Technical presentations on specific topics with the aim of putting the spotlight on the most senior and post-doc community’s background and know-how, and also making visible the research and/or interests areas of work of each of those members.
Reading club session: Technical sessions in the form of a presentation with the objectives of: 1) actively involving members with less experience in research activities, and 2) offering a “light-weight” training/retraining mechanism for all members that allows them to keep up to date with the state of the art.

Rehearsal for ISC conferences and RISC-V Summit Extended Session

Poster session Presenters:

David Aguiló (10 min): "Kameleon, a RISC-V based 2-core multi-accelerator academic SoC"

Xabier Abancens (10 min): "Extending OpenPiton framework towards the HPC domain: first steps"
Umair Riaz (10 min): "MEDEA: Improved Memory-Level Parallelism in a decoupled execute/access vector accelerator"

ISCAS: Tech talk

Víctor Soria (20min):


Presenters: Xabier Abancens, European Exascale Accelerator Research Engineer, CS, BSC, David Aguiló, Synthesis And Physical Design Of Ics Junior Research Engineer, CS, BSC and Umair Riaz, European Exascale Accelerator Junior Research Engineer, CS, BSC and Victor Soria, Sim: Simulation Infrastructure And Methodologies Research Engineer, CS, BSC
Chair: TBA