Joint Workshop of Strategic Projects for the Health Research and Innovation Cloud

Date: 18/May/2021 Time: 13:00



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HealthyCloud organises a workshop with the aim of bringing together European projects and initiatives working towards making secure cross-border health data sharing a reality. Key representatives from EOSC-LifeB1MGPHIRI and TEHDAS Joint action will be invited to share lessons learned, expected outcomes and best ways to tackle common challenges. The purpose of the workshop is to allow these projects to align their activities by identifying potential synergies and promoting coordination, while avoiding overlap between project objectives. In addition, selected stakeholder representatives from the public sectornational and EC policymakersregulators and ethics committeesacademiaindustrypatients and citizens will be invited to join. They will bring into the discussions specific information from the communities they represent and highlight challenges of health data sharing they would like to see addressed within a pan-European Health Research and Innovation Cloud.

The main discussion points and conclusions of this workshop will be presented in the eHealth Summit Portugal (1-2 June 2021, virtual) in the track dedicated to secondary use of real-world data.


Attendace is free upon registration:


  • (13.00) Welcome and introduction
    • Sandra García Armesto (IACS)
    • Alfonso Valencia (BSC)
    • Diogo Martins (Portuguese EU presidency)
  • (13.10) Setting the scene for data sharing across Europe
    • Kostas Repanas (DG RTD, EOSC)
    • Ander Elustondo Jauregui (DG SANTE, EHDS)
    • Chairs: Sandra García Armesto (IACS), Alfonso Valencia (BCS)
  • (13.35) Discussion with strategic projects
    • Juan González-García (HealthyCloud)
    • Niklas Blomberg (EOSC-Life)
    • Petronille Bogaert (PHIRI)
    • Serena Scollen (B1MG)
    • Saara Malkamäki (TEHDAS JA)
    • Chairs: Toni Andreu (EATRIS), Christian Ohmann (ECRIN)
  • (14.40)
    • Coffee break
  • (14.55) Discussion with stakeholders
    • Carmen Laplaza Santos (DG RTD)
    • Gözde Susuzlu (EPF)
    • Stefan Blixen-Finecke (EMA)
    • Pierre Lombrail (Inserm Ethics Committee)
    • Maari Parkkinen (Findata)
    • EHDEN representative (TBC)
    • Chairs: Salvador Capella (BSC), Michaela Mayrhofer (BBMRI)
  • (16.00) Wrap-up session
    • Jacques Demotes (ECRIN)
    • All representatives from the invited projects
  • (16.20) Concluding remarks
    • Sandra García Armesto (IACS)
    • Alfonso Valencia (BSC)
    • DG RTD representative (TBC)
  • (16.30) End of workshop