Embedded Real-time Systems

Date: 19/May/2014 Time: 09:00 - 02/Jun/2014 Time: 17:00


UPC, Campus Nord. In the code below first set of letter and number refers to the building and second to the floor and room.

19/5: C6-E106

20/5: C6-E101

21/5: C6-E106

22/5: C6-E101

23/5: C6-E101

26/5: C6-E101

27/5: C6-E101

28/5: D6-S103

29/5: C6-E101

30/5: C6-E101

02/6: C6-220 / D6-S103

Target group: Master and PhD students or researchers working on: Real-Time systems Distributed Computing High Performance Computing

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  • basics in operating systems and computer architectures,
  • notions of concurrency and parallelism,
  • simple fixed-point iterations and basic maths.


This course will provide the students with some initial yet articulate insight into the design principles and verification techniques of embedded real-time systems. Special attention will be paid to the challenges posed to the well-founded single-core processor theory and practice by the advent of multicore processors.

Course contents:

  • a high-level view of an embedded system and its abstraction to a workload model
  • concurrency models and implications on feasibility analysis: examples and exercises
  • a glimpse to how the system works in practice
  • the multicore challenge: what stands and what falls in the transition from concurrency to parallelism.

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