Bio-NMR & Structural Biology

Date: 12/Mar/2012 Time: 09:00

Place: Sala Prat de Riba
Institut d'Estudis Catalans (IEC)
C/del Carme, 47
08001 Barcelona

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The seminar took place in March 2012 co-organised by the IRB (Institute for Research in Biomedicine), Universitat de Barcelona, BSC-CNS, ISMAR, Elixir, GERMN RSEQ and the RES.

This Bio-NMR workshop brought together leaders in the synergistic use of computation and NMR to discuss present approaches and future avenues in this multidisciplinary and rapidly evolving field. Besides  were explained that computational tools have been crucial for the full exploitation of the wide variety of parameters that can be measured by NMR, and have made a considerable contribution to the derivation of more accurate structural and dynamic models of biomolecules.

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