6th Gago Conference on European Science Policy

A joint organization of Ciencia Viva and Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC-CNS) With the special patronnage of The Spannish Presidency of the Council of the European Union

Date: 23/Oct/2023 Time: 10:00 - 24/Oct/2023 Time: 16:00



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How far advanced computing together with design and use of digital observatories making use of digital twins can help shape our common future in times of increasing uncertainty and unsettled lives?

This question has framed the 6th Gago Conference on European Science Policy, at the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre, under the scope of the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2023, and in a way to foster the impact of the Europe-Latin America Summit of July 2023.

It addresses novel forms of digital observation and governance in health, urban planning and the environment, including the development and usage of digital twins of our communities and landscapes.

The discussion is framed in terms of the challenges and opportunities to consider human agency, be centered on people and be based on changing collective behaviors leading us to safer, cleaner and more “collectively” resilient and cooperative societies.

Emerging trends in the growing digitalization of our communities and economies will be particularly discussed in terms of the increasing world relevance of the Global South and the critically relevant role of Europe-Latin America and Europe-Africa cooperation, as well as the opportunities for Europe to foster South-South cooperation.

Organizing Committee

  • Josep M. Martorell , Barcelona Supercomputing Centre, Spain
  • Teresa Riera Madurell , Barcelona Supercomputing Centre, former member of the European Parliament, Spain
  • Manuel Heitor , Centre for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research (IN+), Instituto Superior Tecnico, University of Lisbon, former Minister for Science, Technology and Higher Education, Portugal
  • Rosalia Vargas , Ciencia Viva, Portugal
  • Julio Celis , European Academy of Cancer Sciences, former Director of the Danish Cancer, Denmark
  • Alfonso Valencia , Barcelona Super Computing Centre, Spain.
  • Paco Doblas , Barcelona Super Computing Centre, Spain.
  • Jose Maria Cela , Barcelona Super Computing Centre, Spain.
  • Ulises Cortes , Barcelona Super Computing Centre, Spain.
  • Fabrizio Gagliardi , Barcelona Super Computing Center, Spain.
  • Angel Font , CEO, La Caixa Foundation Barcelona, Spain; President, European Foundation Centre

Target participants

The conference will gather high-level speakers, including:

  • Policy makers in European member states;
  • European Commission and European Parliament representatives;
  • Leaders and other representatives from research and business institutions,;
  • Representatives of young researchers´ associations;
  • Key stakeholders of the European Research Area;
  • Citizens.


Further information here: https://www.cienciaviva.pt/gagoconf/6th-edition