3rd Workshop on Best Practices for HPC Training, SC16 conference

Date: 14/Nov/2016 Time: 09:00


13 - 18 November 2016

SC16 - Salt Lake City, Utah, USA


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This year’s SC16 workshop will begin with lightning talks addressing HPC training topics of common interest that have emerged around the world. After the lightning talks, there will be open discussion, to foster information sharing and collaborative activities that people may pursue throughout the following year.

The workshop presentations are posted at the Consortium site.

Workshop Schedule:

9am - 12:30pm in Room 155-F 

All presentations are posted below.

    9:00-9:05 am - Welcome

   9:05-9:15 am - Keynote – Henry Neeman

   9:15-9:25 am - Lightning Talk 1 - Hybrid MultiSite Training by Tom Maiden and John Urbanic

   9:25-9:35 am - Lightning Talk 2 - ARCHER HPC Training by Adrian Jackson and David Henty

   9:35-9:45 am - Lightning Talk 3 - Hackathons by Sunita Chandrasekaran and Guido Auckland

   9:45-10:00 am - Open Discussion

   10:00-10:30 am - Break

   10:30-10:40 am - Lightning Talk 4 - How to Support On-the-job Implementation of Training by Nia Alexandrov and Maria Ribera Sancho

   10:40-10:50 am - Lightning Talk 5 - HPC Training within the HPC-LEAP Program for European Joint Doctorates by Dirk Pleiter

   10:50-11:00 am - Lightning Talk 6 - The Blue Waters Student Internship Program by Aaron Weeden, Mohammad Mobeen Ludin, Bob Panoff

   11:00-11:10 am - Lightning Talk 7 - Assessing the effectiveness of onboarding HPC Workshops by Yongjun Choi and Camille Archer

   11:10-12:20 am 
- Open Discussion

   12:20-12:30 pm 
- Summary and next Steps