The Spanish Project SyeC finishes its second phase

25 April 2017

The members of the consortium will present their project results in each scientific area in a two-day meeting. BSC plays a key role in this event.

Today and tomorrow Wednesday 26th, the final event titled “Consolider Supercomputación y eCiencia (SyeC) 2017” will take place at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). All members of the consortium will meet in order to present their project results in each scientific area. This event will also have the presence of two keynote speakers: Mateo Valero, BSC director, who will talk about research done in the ERC RoMoL (Riding on Moore’s Law) project, oriented to the future chip design, and the European initiative for developing European microprocessors and supercomputers. Mateo Valero will also tackle topics such as artificial intelligence and HPC, as well as quantum computing. The second keynote speaker: Ulises Cortes, BSC Academics Programs Coordinator, will talk about the promises and use cases in HPC in order to increase the algorithms of Artificial Intelligence and its scientific, economic and social impact.

“This event will close a collaboration phase amongst scientific expert groups in HPC and eScience that will resolve the challenges from scientific fields such as Life and Earth Sciences, Material Sciences, Astrophysics and Engineering. This collaboration has allowed, on one side, eScience groups to exploit the possibilities of computer architectures -whose evolution is constant, and, on the other side, HPC experts had the opportunity to better understand the future design requirements and programming models,” says Eduard Ayguadé, Associate Director of the Computer Science Department at BSC.

Further to the keynotes, the agenda also includes various sessions from BSC staff such as Francisco J.Doblas, Earth Sciences Department director, José María Cela, Eduard Ayguadé, and the researchers Rosa M. Badia y Kim Serradell. The second day also includes talks from Centers of Excellece (CoE) from H2020. The event will be finalised with a general discussion moderated by Panagiotis Tsarchopoulos (EC, DG CONNECT) on the new High-Performance Computing Research in Europe.

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