The new Catalan Minister of Business and Knowledge highlights "the strategic role" of BSC in his visit to the centre

23 September 2020

Ramon Tremosa, new Minister of Business and Knowledgeof the Catalan Government since this September, replacing Àngels Chacón, visited the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) today.

During the meeting, the Minister was able to learn about the main projects underway in the center, such as the development of a new European-made chip. He has also been able to see the progress of the works of the new building that will be the headquarters of BSC, and has visited the space under construction that will house the future MareNostrum 5 supercomputer.

The Minister highlighted "the strategic role" of the BSC as a "search engine for excellence and technology transfer and innovation for the Catalan economy". During the visit, Tremosa has reaffirmed the commitment of the Catalan Government to the centre, which will materialize in a contribution of 59 million euros during the period 2020-2029 that, among others, will finance the construction of the new MareNostrum5 electrical substation.

On the part of the BSC, Tremosa was accompanied by the director of the centre, Mateo Valero, the associate director, Josep M. Martorell, and the director of operations, Sergi Girona. The visit was also attended by the rector of the UPC, Francesc Torres, as well as Jordi Cabrafiga, Secretary General for Business and Knowledge, Francesc Xavier Grau, Secretary for Universities and Research, and Joan Gómez, General Director for Research.

Ramon Tremosa had already visited the center before, it was in July 2017, on that occasion as a member of the European Parliament.


See press release here (in Catalan).