The BSC participates in the COVID-19 Disease Map, a platform to gather and organize scientific information about the virus

06 May 2020

BSC researchers participate, along with other researchers from 25 countries, in the COVID-19 Disease Map. This repository brings together and organizes the knowledge generated so far on the molecular map of viruses and the mechanisms of interaction between the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the host, guided by contributions from experts in the domain and based on published work.

These maps are essential to be able to simulate virus behavior at the molecular level in computers and thus contribute to the search for vaccines and treatments.

The participation of the BSC is part of the effort being made by the center to investigate the virus through genomic analysis, simulations of interactions between the virus and possible drugs or vaccines, and the computing power of MareNostrum supercomputer. The BSC researchers who have collaborated in this project are Arnau Montagud, Miguel Ponce de Leon and Alfonso Valencia.

This repository has been released today through the journal Nature website and is an open collaboration between clinical researchers, life scientists, computational biologists, and data scientists.