From science to market. Technology transfer: the formula for efficient innovation?

02 July 2021

Barcelona is the favourite city for start-ups in Southern Europe, according to the Startup Heatmap Europe 2021 Report. One of the reasons that attract entrepreneurship in the city is precisely the access to talent and the city' strategic industrial connections.

Thus, from the BSC-CNS, as a research centre generating talent, being at the heart of such an ecosystem is crucial for the development of research that can reach its full potential also in connection with the private sector. Synchronization that the Spin-off companies from the Centre lead.

In this sense, on Wednesday, June 30, the BSC-CNS held a Discussion at the facilities that accommodate the Mare Nostrum IV Supercomputer.

The session introduced the hardcore of the BSC's work and the Technology Transfer ecosystem. It also included an overview of three spin-off entities, born from the initiative of BSC's scientific staff: Qbeast, Nostrum Biodiscovery and Mitiga Solutions.

A round table with the participation of all attendees followed the presentation: it focused on the different follow-up models of the processes of technology transfer -from the research centres towards private projects.

The meeting was organized jointly with the Aldea Ventures initiative and was shared with representatives of several Venture Capital entities that are part of it, such as AirStreet Capital, Lunar Ventures, Faber Ventures, Nina Capital, Luminous Ventures, Maze – Impact, Mustard-seed Maze, Elaia Partners o Inveniam.

This debate was held during the city's immersion in the Mobile World Congress. However, it was also presented after the clear demonstration that private efficiency combined with the great innovative potential of public scientific research, can transform crises into opportunities: will we be able to find the formula to solve the challenges that are yet to come?