Qilimanjaro, selected as one of the most promising quantum computing companies of 2022

21 February 2022
The company Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech is listed in the StartUs Insights 2022 report as one of the five start-ups with the most potential to influence the quantum computing industry this year.

Qilimanjaro, a spin-off of the Institute for High Energy Physics, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center and the University of Barcelona, appears in the StartUs Insights 2022 report on the most promising technology start-ups.

This company, located in the Eureka building of the UAB Research Park, has been selected among 264 start-ups in the quantum computing sector and is the only one in Spain, along with Quantastica (Finland), which are the only European companies that have entered the list. The selection has been made through the StartUs Insights Discovery platform, which, based on big data and artificial intelligence, makes the selection taking into account a global start-up landscape of more than two million companies.

"This very positive forecast for Qilimanjaro is a great additional motivation to continue moving forward with our project and to be one of the leaders in this market," said Victor Canivell, co-founder and CBO.

The relevance of technology is vital in this selection. The integrated hardware and software team co-designs high-quality quantum computers based on superconducting qubits for specific applications. It has implemented its first system based on gate technology for a customer. This type of technology is what most companies in the industry are developing. Still, Qilimanjaro's uniqueness is that it aims to develop the next generation of analogue quantum computers with easy-to-use cloud access to effectively tackle complex optimization and machine learning problems.

In 2021 the company was awarded several recognitions that add to this interest in the start-up. On the one hand, it has received the Senén Vilaró 2021 award, which the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation of the University of Barcelona grants to the most disruptive spin-offs. On the other, ACCIÓ-Generalitat de Catalunya has included them in the group that recognizes them as Exponential Leaders 2021. They have also been awarded the Neotec 2021 grant, given by CDTI to new innovative start-ups. Specifically, Qilimanjaro's project has been selected as one of the three best among the more than 500 submitted.