Meet us at ISC'18 in Frankfurt: Booth #A1412

21 June 2018
This year the centre will feature the POWER9 racks, which began operation recently.

Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) will again be present at ISC High Performance 2018 to be held in Frankfurt. This year the centre will feature the POWER9 racks, which began operation recently. With the new POWER9 racks, the BSC becomes the first center in Europe to provide access to these emerging technologies.

There will also be demonstrations of the following BSC tools:

  • PyCOMPSs: BSC’s superscalar, task-based programming model that offers an interface based on Python sequential code, but that enables execution in parallel. Tuesday 26 June (11:15-11:45)
  • OpenMP: This programming model has been very successful in exploiting structured parallelism in applications. With increasing application complexity, there is a growing need for addressing irregular parallelism in the presence of complicated control structures. Tuesday 26 June (14:00-14:30)
  • OmpSs-2: BSC programming model that extends the tasking model of OmpSs/OpenMP to support both task nesting and fine-grained dependencies across different nesting levels, which enables the effective parallelization of applications using a top-down methodology. Wednesday 27 June (15:00-15:30)

The ISC High Performance conference offers a strong five-day technical program focusing on HPC technological development and its application in scientific fields, as well as its adoption in commercial environments. ISC High Performance attracts engineers, IT specialists, system developers, vendors, scientists, researchers, students, journalists, and other members of the HPC global community.

We look forward to welcoming you to our booth (#1412), where we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Other BSC-related booths

  • Booth PRACE and EXDCI: 1300
  • Booth HiPEAC: 1411
  • Booth ETP4HPC: 517








BSC researchers participate at the ISC Technical programme


Session title



Albert Kahira

(PhD08) A Machine Learning Workflow for Hurricane Prediction

Monday, 25 June: 13:33-13:37

Analog 1,2

Filippo Mantovani

ARM for HPC Co-Design Opportunities

Monday, 25 June: 16:00-17:00


Pablo Echevarría,

(PP13) An Auto Climate Model continuous Integration Strategy

Tuesday, 26 June: 15:15-15:45

Booth 230

Ulises Cortés

2nd Workshop on HPC Collaboration between Europe and Latin America

Thursday, 28 June: 9-13:00


Pedro Valero

Batched BLAS Standardization

Tuesday, 26 June: 13:45-14:45


Kim Serradell

EC-Earth, a coupled Climate Model for extreme Event Prediction

Tuesday, 26 June: 13:45-14:07

Panorama 3

Sergi Girona

EuroHPC, Exascale for Europe

Tuesday, 26 June: 14:29-14:51

Panorama 2

Filippo Mantonvani

GoingARM for HPC

Thursday, 28 June: 9-18:00

Plantium 2

Sergi Mateo and Xavier Teruel

Mastering Tasking with OpenMP

Sunday, 24 June: 9 - 13

Analog 1

Kallia Chronaki

TaskGenX: A Hardware-Software Proposal for Accelerating Task Parallelism

Wednesday, 27 June: 13:45- 14:15

Analog 1,2

Alfonso Santiago

The Computational Biomedicine Community and the HPC Industry: Working together to advance Personalised Medicine

Wednesday, 27 June: 14:45- 15:15

Substanz 1,2

Rosa Badia, Marcin Ostasz

Workshop on Sustainable Ultrascale Computing Systems

Thursday, 28 June: 9-18:00