Find out BSC at the Science Festival

05 June 2018

The 12th Science Festival will take place this weekend in the Parc de la Ciutadella in Barcelona.

Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) will participate this weekend in the 12th Science Festival with five activities carried out by four researchers from the center: Pablo Echevarria, Eduardo U. Moya, Pol Forn and Leonardo Bautista.

More than 230 activities will be developed with the aim of bringing scientific and technological knowledge to society. In this edition the range of ages of its public is extended. Proposals are added specifically oriented for children up to six years old, for others of greater age, for young people and a wide offer for adults is also included. Practically all areas of scientific research and technological innovation are represented at all scales. The Science Festival is organized by the Institut de Cultura of the Ajuntament de Barcelona.

In the following table you will find the activities that BSC has prepared for this edition of the Festival of Science:




Simulació numèrica de l’atmosfera i els oceans amb Marenostrum 4- Pablo Echevarría

6 Escenaris

Dissabte 9 juny: 12.10h


STEAM: Mi primer programa- Eduardo U. Moya

5 La revolució tecnològica

Dissabte 9 juny: 15.40 i 16.40

Les tecnologies quàntiques ja són aquí- Pol Forn

1 Microxerrades

Dissabte 9 juny: 19.45h

Pint of Science. ¿Qué hacer cuando un superordenador cae enfermo?- Leonardo Bautista

6 Escenaris

Dissabte 9 juny: 19.45h

El futur de les tecnologies quàntiques- Pol Forn

8 Debats

Dissabte 9 juny: 20.20h

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