European commitment to acquire and deploy Exascale supercomputers

27 March 2017

BSC had an active role at Digital Day 2017 organised by the European Commission

Seven European countries announced on Thursday (23 March) in Rome a joint initiative to acquire and deploy world-class high-performance computers, a project the European Commission says is comparable to the size of Airbus or the Galileo satellite navigation project.

The announce was part of the official celebrations to mark the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome, which took place in Rome on 23 March 2017, the Digital Day 2017 event was held and BSC played an active role. The plan to establish an integrated world-class high-performance computing infrastructure was launched by ministers from France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.

Digital Day 2017 was organised by the European Commission and the Republic of Italy, in collaboration with the Maltese Presidency of the European Union (EU) and looked at topics that impact the near and long term future of EU citizens.

The event was organised around industrial competitiveness and societal challenges, and it brought together Ministers, high-level representatives, and key stakeholders in four different sessions. The first session was “Europe as a global player in High Performance Computing”.

Further information about Digital Day

BSC Directors Mateo Valero, Josep M. Martorell, Sergi Girona and Fabrizio Gagliardi, Strategy Advisor, attended the event. Valero participated in the Panel on "How Europe can regain leadership in HPC", and stressed the need for Europe to be active in HPC Hardware, and that "Europe has the elements to start to create its own HPC hardware technology, to be more independent and secure".

You can see his speech in the following links:

Mateo Valero at Digital Day '17 [Part 1] Mateo Valero at Digital Day '17 [Part 2]

Carmen Vela, the Secretary of State of Investigation, Development and Innovation of the Spanish government, also attended the event and said that “Europe has the capacity to be in the HPC Top500 list ranking thanks to commitment of institutions like BSC and PRACE”.

Carmen Vela at Digital Day '17

See interview to Mateo Valero here.

See interview to Carmen Vela here.

In addition, the European Commission highlighted 12 European collaborative research projects in a press pack, several of which the BSC is involved in, such as: HPC4E, Esiwace, EoCoE and PRACE.

To support Digital Day 2017 celebrations, BSC asked a few of its researchers why supercomputing is so important for their research. See their answers in the following videos:

Video I: Marta Guindo Video II: Sergio Mendoza Video III: Ruben Cruz Video IV: Jaume Bosch Video V: Mercè Planas

Nota de prensa del Ministerio (pdf)