Distinction for BSC Researcher at DATE 2017

30 March 2017

Leonidas Kosmidis, PhD Candidate at Barcelona Supercomputing Center and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya·BarcelonaTech (UPC), received the Best Poster Award at the PhD forum event at the Design Automation and Testing in Europe (DATE) 2017 Conference in Lausanne out of a pool of 30 participants. The prize, supported by EDAA, ACM Sigda and IEEE CEDA, was for the poster titled “Enablig caches in probabilistic timing analysis”. Leonidas' thesis contributions include several technologies which have been industrialised by the BSC-coordinated project PROXIMA, such as hardware designs for MBPTA (including time-randomised caches) and software-only time-randomisation solutions.

The event was held on Monday March 27 in the opening reception of the conference, which is annually attended by thousands of academic and industrial participants. DATE is the major international event for design and engineering of Systems-on-Chip, Systems-on-Board and Embedded Systems Software and states a unique networking opportunity, bringing together designers and design automation users, researchers and vendors, as well as specialists in hardware and software design, test and manufacturing of electronic circuits and systems.

Leonidas Kosmidis

Leonidas Kosmidis



The PROXIMA project (Probabilistic real-time control of mixed-criticality multicore and manycore Systems), led by BSC, investigated novel solutions for the next generation of real-time critical embedded systems based on probabilistic analysis methods.

The PROXIMA project was also awarded Best Paper at 51st Design Automation Conference (DAC) and Best Paper at ISORC 2016, while the project's processors for space applications won the HiPEAC Technology Transfer Award 2016. The project ended successfully in late 2016 with a Mixed-Criticality Systems Workshop, hosted by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, which brought together over 70 experts in mixed-criticality systems from industry, academia and the European Commission. Among the companies who attended the event were Airbus, Airbus Defence and Space, Alstom, GMV, Intel, Infineon, Ericsson, Vodafone and ST.