Datathon around the air quality in Barcelona

16 January 2018

BSC is one of the organisers of this activity that aims to improve the air quality forecast system of Barcelona.

Coinciding with the exhibition After the end of the world, which can be visited until April 29 at the CCCB, Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) BCN Analytics, Big Data CoE of Eurecat, Leitat and the CCCB organises the first Datathon on air quality in Barcelona.

On 20th and 21st January sixty scientists, data analysts, statisticians and mathematicians concerned about the environment will meet at the CCCB, in order to improve the air quality forecast system in Barcelona, as well as its understanding. The dataset contains information about the CALIOPE air quality forecast system ( and observation data provided by the EIONET network (

12 teams will participate, each consisting of 4 or 5 people. The members of the teams belong to diverse disciplines: mathematics, statistics, econometrics and other similar fields. All of them have experience in data processing with statistical models and with advanced analytical tools.
Among the members of the jury will be the BSC researchers from the Earth Sciences department Carlos Pérez García-Pando, Kim Serradell and María Teresa Pay.

The Datathon will award two prizes:

Best Model: To the team that builds the most precise model. € 2,000 for the team and an accreditation for the Mobile World Congress for each member

Exploration: To the team that comes up with new ideas or new conclusions based on the data provided. € 1,000 for the team and an accreditation for the 4YFN, Mobile World Capital Barcelona program, for each member.

Further information here.