Consolider: Supercomputing and e-Science

18 February 2013

Here you have the presentation video for the project Consolider: Supercomputación y e-Ciencia  (Supercomputing and e-Science) which is part of the Consolider – Ingenio 2010 programme aiming at achieving research excellence by increasing cooperation between researchers and training large research groups. The project Consolider: Supercomputación y e-Ciencia started in 2008 and will end this year. Its main goal is to advance in the field of applied supercomputing through several areas of science. Coordinated by the BSC, this project intends to boos cooperation between 21 Spanish research groups, broaden the culture of supercomputing in Spain and also have a say in the design and efficient use of present and future supercomputers.

The scientific applications of the project have been executed at the MareNostrum supercomputer and in the nodes included in the Spanish Supercomputing Network (RES in Spanish). This project was awarded 5 million Euros from the Spanish National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation, from the Spanish Government. These funds have allowed hiring 90 scientists, including doctors and specialized staff from several areas in science. The results obtained in each are of this programme will be presented at an event that will be organized during this year.