BSC researcher awarded PRACE Best Industrial Presentation

16 May 2019

BSC researcher Oriol Lehmkuhl from the Computer Applications in Science and Engineering Department wins the PRACE Best Industrial Presentation during the EuroHPC Summit Week 2019, which takes place in Poznań, Poland this year. The research project titled “High fidelity simulation of vortex induced vibrations for flow control and energy harvesting”, was awarded 27 million core hours in PRACE Project Access Call 16 on the German supercomputer SuperMUC. This research summarises the main conclusions of the VIVALdI project, highlighting the principal observations and results obtained.

“Thanks to the PRACE Tier-0 resources, we have been able to carry out large scale simulations that will help build bigger and more efficient VIV wind turbines. The impact of the results will cover very basic research aspects of the turbulent fluid-structure physics, but will also help industry to go from micro-eolic machines to more competitive wind turbines”, says Oriol Lehmkuhl, CASE postdoctoral researcher at BSC.

The PRACE Award for Best Industrial Presentationis announced at the closing session of PRACEdays19 as part of the EuroHPC Summit Week 2019.

About VIVALdI project

Geophysical flows from wind to oceanic currents represent a clean source of energy widely available. Structures based on vortex-induced vibrations are one of the mechanisms for harvesting part of this energy in the range of frequencies where flow induced vibrations originate a strong coupling between the oscillating body and the fluctuating wake. In the VIVALdI PRACE project, high fidelity simulations of a cylindrical body oscillating in a free-stream from sub-critical to super-critical Reynolds number have been carried out by means of wall-resolved LES using thousands of CPUs and meshes of hundreds of Million of elements. This is the first time this kind of simulations have been performed at this level of modelisation, being a step forward in the understanding of the physics of fluid-structure interaction in the range of industrial applications.


Dr. Oriol Lehmkuhl Barba holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering (UPC, 2012). PDJ 2014 post-doc researcher by AGAUR (Generalitat de Catalunya) at UPC from 2015 to 2016. He is senior researcher at the Department of Computer Applications in Science and Engineering (CASE) of Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) since 2016. His main research interests are related to turbulence modelling, multi-phase modelling, high performance computing, multi-physics & multi-scale modelling, aerodynamic simulations and bio-mechanical modelling. He has been the co-director of 6 PhD theses (four of them on-going) and 2 master theses, is author of 52 papers in JCR journals (h-index 19), with 182 contributions to peer-reviewed international conferences and 4 patents. More information here: