BSC releases OmpSs-2 version 2021.11

18 November 2021

The Programming Models group at BSC has published a new release of the OmpSs-2 programming model (version 2021.11) and the first release of the Task-Aware GASPI (TAGASPI) library (version 2021.11).

In this OmpSs-2 release, we have extended the taskloop support with the collapse clause. We have also changed the default CPU manager policy from busy  to hybrid, which reduces contention and energy consumption without degrading runtime performance. We have also fixed the ‘turbo’ mode to properly activate floating-point optimization on x86 processors. We have extended the CTF fast converter to supports the if(exp) construct and taskwait construct with dependencies. Finally, we have fixed several issues on the CTF tracing tool.

The new TAGASPI library extends the functionality of the standard GASPI library by providing new mechanisms for improving the interoperability between parallel task-based programming models, such as OpenMP or OmpSs-2, and one-sided RDMA GASPI operations. The TAGASPI approach targets hybrid applications that taskify RDMA communications. In this way, communication tasks can run in parallel, and also, they can overlap with computation tasks. TAGASPI is currently compatible with the OmpSs-2 task-based programming model.