BSC presents two papers about memory management for ISCA Symposium

15 June 2015

ISCA is the flagship meeting of the computer architecture research community.

This week two BSC’s papers about memory management will be presented in the 42nd International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA). ISCA is the premier forum for new ideas and experimental results in computer architecture and this year is held in Portland, Oregon from 13 to 17 of June.

The first paper is titled “Redundant Memory Mappings for Fast Access to Large Memories” and written by Vasileios Karakostas (from BSC/UPC) together with researchers of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Microsoft Research and BSC.  This paper suggests a hardware/software co-design that leverages ranges of pages to reduce the overhead of virtual memory. The project has been supported by the ParaDIME project.

The second paper, “Coherence Protocol for Transparent Management of Scratchpad Memories in Shared Memory Manycore Architectures”, will be presented by Lluc Álvarez and has been written by BSC and UPC researchers. This paper proposes a coherence protocol for the hybrid memory system that allows the compiler to always generate code to manage the scratchpad memories.


The ISCA programme is available here: