BSC launches dataClay, the data store that provides programmers with a 30% saving in time and code

07 November 2018

This distributed object store can be downloaded for free at BSC website

Barcelona Supercompunting Center (BSC) has made available to programmers dataClay, a data store that provides savings of up to 30% in time and code to application developers.
dataClay is a distributed object store that avoids the need to have different data models in volatile memory and in persistent storage.

It has been fully developed by the BSC Storage Systems group, within a project led by Toni Cortes, head of the group, and Anna Queralt, senior researcher. This software is the practical result of Jonathan Martí's doctoral thesis.

dataClay performs the calculations directly on the object store, without having to copy the data to the application space, thus avoiding, both the time and energy costs associated with data transport. On the other hand, when working on a single model, the effort and time required to transform the data disappear, thus reducing the possibility of errors and improving efficiency of execution.

dataClay works on distributed memory and has demonstrated its ability to provide fast and easy access to data in both conventional applications and high-performance computing (HPC) applications.
dataClay and supporting documentation can be downloaded for free from the web