BSC has joined the Alliance for Ibero-American Mobility

10 May 2017

BSC has joined the Alliance for Ibero-American Mobility, an association to promote the international mobility of students, teachers and researchers. The adhesion contract has been formalized with the signing of an agreement between the responsible of the Ibero-American General Secretary Office Rebeca Grynspan and the director of Barcelona Supercomputing Center - Centro Nacional de Supercomputación (BSC-CNS), Mateo Valero.

The Alliance for Mobility is part of the Ibero-American Framework for Academic Mobility, which aims to encourage teaching, research and academic stages in other countries of the Ibero-American Community, building a common knowledge space.

The Ibero-American framework for academic mobility consists of three fundamental axes: the Alliance (association of public and private sectors for obtaining resources that make mobility possible), the Ibero-American Mobility System (set of programs, projects and exchange initiatives around common rules) and the Ibero-American Mobility Platform (tool that will coordinate and manage the exchanges and will provide information.