BSC and UPC organize a Hackathon where the participants will use Machine Learning to create a Dating App

18 September 2017

This 2nd edition of the BSC/UPC Hackathon will take place at Campus Nord (UPC, Barcelona) on November 3rd & 4th

Are you addicted to coding and solving complex problems? Come to the 2nd Annual BSC/UPC HPC Hackathon and test your problem solving skills. In this edition of the hackathon co-organized by Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), you will be asked to create a matching algorithm (Dating app) able to use Machine Learning techniques for searching the perfect match for everyone in the last segment of a Mediterranean bachelor cruise from Nice to Barcelona.

With this attractive call, the hackathon organizers want to reach all university students or recently graduated PhDs with good coding skills, primarily in C and shell, but knowledge in other programming languages such as C++ and python is recommended. You should also be familiar with version control systems, such as git and mercurial, and have a good knowledge on Unix systems. You will be asked to solve problems in three different topics: GPU Computing, Parallel Programming and Software Security. You will be given access to high-end machines with last generation technology and high speed network. Organizers will also provide you with food and beverages so that you can focus on coding. Leonardo Bautista‐Gómez, BSC senior researcher and co-organizer underlines that "This year, we are planning a fun and interesting challenge in which participants will have the opportunity to solve problems in the frontier between high performance computing and big data."

The hackathon will take place on Friday November 3rd to Saturday November 4th, at the UPC Campus Nord - Agora Room, from 18h to 12h (18 hours). A jury will evaluate the participants and the winners will take home nice prizes. Among the prizes, there is a last generation high-end gaming GPU offered by NVIDIA and 6-months part-time contract to work at BSC.

Free Registrations (until October 31st):

Participation is not guaranteed., the committee will select the participants (40).

See the 2016 winners

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Press contact: +34 934 017 313 (Leonardo Bautista)