Agreement for scientific collaboration between University of Guadalajara and Barcelona Supercomputing Center

03 March 2017

Barcelona Supercomputing Center and the University of Guadalajara (Mexico) have signed an agreement laying the foundations for scientific collaboration between the two institutions. The main aims of the agreement are to develop research activities in computer sciences and to foster the synergies needed for collaborative research. The University of Guadalajara expects to invest 84 million pesos in upgrading its High Performance Computing Center, in which BSC will collaborate in the design and planning.The agreement was finalised as part of the 8th International Supercomputing Conference (ISUM 2017) in Mexico, an event attended by Mateo Valero, Director of BSC, José M. Cela, Director of the BSC Computer Applications in Science & Engineering department and Ulises Cortés, BSC Academic Programmes Coordinator.

Tribute to Mateo Valero
The event paid tribute to the Director of BSC, with the vice-chancellor of the University of Guadalajara recognising Valero for his notable career path and his commitment to the progress of HPC across the world and, in particular, in Mexico. The work of Professor Alfredo Feria Velasco was also recognised during the event.