Jordi Manyer Fuertes

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In 2019 I obtained my bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and my bachelor's Degree in Engineering Physics from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) as part of the CFIS program. As part of my undergraduate thesis, I spent a year in the Numerical Astrophysics reasearch department in GeorgiaTech, in Atlanta (USA). During that period, my research was focussed on the numerical simulation of relativistic black hole binary mergers and the gravitational waves that emerged from those events, as part of the LIGO experiment. 

In 2019, after finishing my thesis, I joined the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) under the supervision of ICREA professor Mervi Mantsinen as part of the Fusion Theory Group (CASE). My research is focused in the numerical modelling of experiments in magnetically confined fusion devices in preparation for ITER operation, working towards the objectives of the European fusion research programme EUROfusion in close collaboration with ITER and the Spanish national fusion laboratory CIEMAT. 

During this last year (2019-2020) I have also enrolled in the Master's Degree in Advanced Mathematics and Mathematical Engineering (MAMME) at UPC. My master thesis has been carried out as part of the Laboratori de Càlcul Numèric (LaCaN, UPC) under the supervision of Prof. Irene Arias. The reserach has focussed on the numerical simulation and design of new nanoengineered flexoelectric materials, as part of an ERC Starting Grant. 

Since 2020, I am associate professor at UPC.

Main Research Lines