Aleksander Lacima Nadolnik

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  • 10/2020 - 09/2021: MSc in Meteorology, University of Barcelona (UB): Faculty of Chemistry and Physics.
  • 09/2013 - 06/2019: BSc in Physics with a Mention in Fundamental Physics, University of Barcelona (UB): Faculty of Chemistry and Physics.


Most relevant on-going activities:

  • EARLY-ADAPT (ERC Consolidator Grant; 02/2021-01/2026): Led by Joan Ballester from ISGlobal, the EARLY-ADAPT project aims to jointly analyse the environmental, socioeconomic and demographic drivers of recent trends in human health. In the frame of this project, we are collaborating with ISGlobal to investigate how to bias-correct the long-term CAMSRA reanalysis of the atmospheric composition over Europe, using the extensive network of air quality monitoring stations available. Combined with a very detailed health database, this will allow Joan Ballester's team to investigate the associated health impacts of air pollution.

Current research lines:

  • Air Quality

Main research interests:

  • Climate Dynamics and Teleconnections
  • Troposphere-Stratosphere Coupling
  • Sea Ice Variability and Predictability
  • Climate Variability of Polar and High Mountain regions
  • Land-Ocean Coupling