Technology Transfer

One of the main objectives of BSC-CNS is to proactively transfer technology to industry, both as an objective in itself in terms of dissemination of scientific output, and also with the intention of generating industrial returns.

Increasing emphasis is being placed by BSC-CNS management on encouraging and facilitating interactions with industry at all levels, from direct R&D collaborations, to educational activities such as providing technical seminars, and staff exchanges with private industry R&D laboratories.

The mission of BSC’s Technology Transfer area is to protect, develop and commercialise the discoveries and inventions of our scientists so that the results of their research reach the market and benefit society.

Main goals:

  • To intensify relations with industry (especially SMEs)
  • To manage BSC’s portfolio of technology and IPR
  • To help create spin-offs
  • To help researchers to consider market potential at earlier stages