Albert Gutierrez

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Albert Gutiérrez graduated in Computer Science from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He holds MSc in High Performance Computing, Information Theory and Security (2013) and a PhD in Computer Science (2016) from the same university. His thesis focused on social modeling and simulation optimization in high performance architectures from multi-core to GPUs. He has worked in different environments from private companies to multidisciplinary international projects: at Incubio as software engineer in big data environments; at Alba Synchrotron as control engineer where he optimized the beam stability system; at IFAE (Institut de Física d'Altes Energies) working in the PAUcam project as software engineer; at CERN as summer student in the LHCb detector. He joined BSC in October 2015 where he has been contributing to the Fusion groups and to EUROfusion High Level Support Team (HLST) and developed his research on neutron transport simulation. In 2018 he was granted with a EUROfusion Engineering Grant to develop the project with the title Development of High Performance Computing capability for fusion workflows, integrated to the ITER Modelling framework.

Main Research Lines