Adriana Gabrielle Ghiozzi

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Adriana Ghiozzi received a bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of California, Berkeley in 2019. During her undergraduate studies, Adriana worked for Berkeley’s Space Sciences Lab where she contributed to the design and testing of instrumentation for the Emirates Mars Mission.

Upon completing her degree, she spent a year as an intern at the U.S. office of the ITER project located at Oak Ridge National Lab. In this role, Adriana supported the disruption mitigation team, working on simulations of pellet-injection hardware for the ITER tokamak.

She then went on to the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona to pursue a master’s degree in High Energy Physics, Particle Physics, and Cosmology, which was awarded in 2021. Her master’s thesis studied potential new physics solutions to simultaneously accommodate anomalous measurements of the magnetic moment of the muon and electron and of decay rates of B mesons. Adriana joined the fusion group in September 2021 shortly after defending her master’s thesis, where she studies Alfvenic instabilities in stellarators such as TJ-II. 

Adriana is also an avid science communicator and has published articles aimed at the general public about fusion, and science more broadly, on the websites of U.S. ITER, Oak Ridge National Lab, and the U.S. Department of Energy. She is passionate about enhancing opportunities for underrepresented minorities in science and building a more equitable scientific community, and is always available for a chat about these issues or anything else via email! 

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