Scientific and Social impact

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Social impact of scientific research is becoming an essential topic of investigation, since it allows to explain science in a approachable way for society. 


Scientific research is one of the pillars in the modern society. However, the required knowledge to understand the results of the different scientific efforts by the society is not trivial, here is where social impact assessment tools plays a fundamental role in order to communicate and transmit knowledge to society in a sensible way. These are just some of the aspects that our group explores.

The evaluation of the social impact of a project includes the process of data collection, integration, analysis and scientific visualization. Analysing this kind of data is a cumbersome task due it’s complexity and dimensionality, such as it’s temporal analysis, and that, indeed gives one of the most valuable knowledge.

Based on social projects, our aim is to develop methodologies to determine the social consequences of scientific projects, by analyzing large data sets to assess the outcomes of the implementation of specific projects, monitoring their progress and assisting in the planning of new projects.

We employ a mixture of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Data Visualization approaches to improve the understanding of society and the impact that projects have on it with a quantitative point of view.


• Develop a methodology to evaluate the social impact of scientific projects.

• Analyse the social impact of scientific and social projects.

• Develop representation and visualization tools to assess the impact of projects.