Nanos++ RTL

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Nanos++ is a runtime designed to serve as runtime support in parallel environments. It is mainly used to support  OmpSs, a extension to OpenMP developed at BSC. It also has modules to support  OpenMP 3.1.

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Developer activities is centralized in our Nanos++ Trac Page. Should you find a bug or want to make a feature request you can create a new ticket. You can view tickets or create new ones. Please follow our tickets guidelines when reporting new tickets. In Nanos++ developer site you can also found a list of current active tickets.



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  • Mercurium is a source-to-source compilation infrastructure aimed at fast prototyping. Current supported languages are C99, C++11 and Fortran 95. Mercurium is mainly used along with the Nanos++ runtime to implement projects for OmpSs and OpenMP but since it is quite extensible it has been used in other projects including (but not limiting to) Cell Superscalar, ACOTES, software transactional memory, vectorization and correctness.