ecoHMEM: Software Ecosystem for Heterogeneous Memory Management


ecoHMEM is a software ecosystem implementing novel and proven methodology to address automatic object-level placement for heterogeneous memory systems equipped with DRAM, HBM, Persistent Memory, etc.

Software Author: 

Maintained by the AccelCom Group at BSC, led by Antonio J. Peña.

Extrae is developed and maintained by the Performance Tools Group at BSC, led by Judit Giménez.

HMem Advisor is a fork of dmem_advisor from Argonne National Laboratory  maintained by Marc Jordà. 

Contributions by Muhammad Owais and Siddharth Rai.

FlexMalloc is developed by Harald Servat from Intel.

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LGPL License (Version 2.1)

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This software has been leveraged successfully in KNL and Optane PMem based systems and is ready for production. It includes the following packages:

  - Extrae (BSC): Offline data-oriented profiling.

  - HMem Advisor (BSC): Placement optimizer.

  - FlexMalloc (Intel): Runtime allocation.