Virtual BSC RS/ ES inDust Webinar: Variability in modelled airborne dust mineralogy

Fecha: 18/May/2022 Time: 15:00

Virtual event over Zoom, with the required registration.

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Abstract: Mineral dust composition is relevant for different aspects of the climate system, however most Earth System Models consider dust as a homogeneous species. This talk will provide an overview of the approaches we can currently use to include mineralogy in models, their strengths and limitations. An analysis of the resulting mineral composition of dust at the global scale will be presented.

Short Bio: María Gonçalves Ageitos is associate professor at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - BarcelonaTECH, and collaborates as an associated researcher in the Earth Sciences Department of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. Her research interests cover atmospheric aerosols and its interactions within the Earth system, with a focus on modelling the mineral dust cycle and its impact on climate.


Speaker: María Gonçalves, Technical University of Catalonia, UPC, Spain
Host: Sara Basart, BSC Earth Sciences Recognised researcher, Atmospheric Composition Group